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Saturday, April 17, 2021
The Gemini moon meets up with Mars this morning, and it's a very chatty day. This is about forward movement and action meeting our emotions and sense of presence. If you get an invitation today, you should accept it if you can. There is potential for meetings that turn into long conversations. Just be sure to handle any business first. It would be easy to lose track of time as you share with others. You could look down and discover that hours have passed and you haven't crossed anything off your to-do list.

Inspiration is strong today, learn something new or teach something for fun. The excited and talkative vibe picks up later when the moon trines Jupiter. These are the feelings, conversations, and gifts we like to get. Enjoy the fun and happy atmosphere here. People are feeling extra friendly and interested in connecting, and they might even be willing to shell out a little cash because of it. Ask and ye shall receive. You're worthy, and you can get what you deserve if you show up with a bold idea and a smile.

However, this day could bring feelings of anxiety, so beware of overstimulation, due to the connection between Mercury and Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto. All these feelings and thoughts and conversations could float around in your head and make you feel like the possibilities are endless. While they may be, you still have to organize them. Keep a pen and paper nearby as you engage in these conversations and receive these downloads. Let your faith in yourself take you as far as possible.' 
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