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Tuesday, June 15, 2021
The Leo moon gets love from the Gemini sun today, which as we know gives the lunar energy a bright vibe. The gentleness of today makes us feel more tender, generous, and able to take on the world.

The only negative is that our emotions will come from an egotistical place. It might be hard to put other people's feelings ahead of ours because we're all focused on how we feel rather than how everyone else is feeling. We could be unwilling to show our emotional cards and put them on display. However, being open to discussing our feelings can lead to a deeper, longer-lasting connection with those we care about.

The moon enters Virgo tonight and then opposes Jupiter in Pisces. This could create an over-the-top sentimental frenzy that brings to the forefront emotions that have been buried beneath the surface in our hearts.

Something to watch out for is a lack of boundaries between us and others, which might cause some drama before bedtime. Instead of pushing to get your way, take a step back and focus on the positive in your life. The good side to this transit is that it encourages us to make a conscious effort to embrace a spiritual attitude after an emotional meltdown.
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