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Friday, June 18, 2021
You're focused on improving your work/life balance under today's Libra moon. Keep an eye on boundaries to make sure that you focus your mind on work rather than love. Today could bring the momentum you need to get your workflow moving at a swift pace by ensuring you're able to take on all the tasks at hand.

Improving relationships with colleagues and employers will be beneficial today because everyone is in the mood to make peace. Speak your mind with kindness and allow others to engage in the discussion. Creating healthy work relationships can set a positive tone in life. It gives us a reason to dedicate more energy to our jobs and love what we do, mostly because we like the people we work with and the environment.

Later in the day, emotions heighten and we could be overthinking matters. Your mind—and mouth—could be running a mile a minute. This means that you could share confidential information and ruin this morning's positive vibe. Think before you express yourself to avoid unnecessary drama. And don't accidentally spill the beans about a situation you are seeing from the sidelines and know little about. That way, you can avoid accidentally stirring the pot and stay out of the drama.
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