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Sunday, June 20, 2021
The summer solstice is an energetically charged time of year when the sun moves into Cancer and the seasons shift. This is the longest day of the year when the northern hemisphere is tilted toward the sun. When the sun moves into Cancer, we embrace a more intuitive and emotional month, one that differs greatly from Gemini season.

For the past month we've been focusing on intellectualizing and processing our feelings. Now we can access our emotions on a deeper level. The way we view matters could change every few days with the lunar cycle and the moon's signs. The best way to handle this energy is to accept the changeable emotions within and not resist the urge to live in our hearts.

Nurturing yourself and others is essential—don't lose sight of your own needs. Putting yourself first gives you the space to create the best personal vibe for you. Also, protecting your heart serves a purpose, ensuring that you don't get hurt emotionally.

Jupiter begins its retrograde journey in Pisces today, which lasts until October 17. Finding your footing might be hard if you're struggling to fully embrace a new philosophy and belief. If you keep your mind open, you can dive into the spirited energy.
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