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Monday, June 21, 2021
Tender planet Venus in Cancer and expansive planet Jupiter retrograde in Pisces share a gentle kiss in the sky. This is an ideal time to lean into love and open up to all romantic possibilities.

Love is in the air today, but it isn't without issues. Intimacy could be hard to attain in relationships because we often create situations that set us apart from the ones we love. Although you want love, you might act out and sabotage the romantic gift that the stars are bringing you. On the one hand, you'll do anything for your partner. On the other, you could keep them at arm's length, making the sentiment feel simultaneously hot and cold, which can cause confusion in the relationship. Not knowing how to gauge emotions can be hard for your romantic interest if your temperament is always fluctuating.

Standing in your emotional truth can set the tone you want in order to create a healthy partnership. That means reeling in the drama and taking it down a notch. Setting limits can ensure that you don't act out when a partner oversteps their bounds or takes you for granted.
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