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Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Today ends Mercury's moonwalk in Gemini—or so we thought! We have two more weeks of Mercury's sinister tricks because the shadow phase is in full swing until July 7. This is the most intense part of Mercury's backspin, which commenced on May 14 in its pre-retrograde zone and formally on the twenty-ninth.

From now until July 7, we have a third chance to get clarity on matters and relationships (the first was during the pre-retrograde shadow in May). Getting roadblocks and doubts out of the way can help you clear the projections and fears out of your mind. Your path will become clearer because you'll have more insight about your direction in life.

One word of advice: take baby steps toward success and don't rush. We have all been living in our own personal bubble for the past few weeks and now we have to deal with real-life issues. All of the recent introspection will pay off because you can now properly express your sentiments to others and the world. We haven't been able to see straight, but now that we're crawling out of the mercurial haze, it's time to get back into the swing of things. Onward and upward we go—but with caution until July 7!
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