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Tuesday, August 3, 2021
Inspired energy is cast down on us from the cosmos this morning as the Gemini moon forms a helpful connection to Mercury, bringing enlightenment to all those early risers out there. If you're the type who sleeps in late, try to remember your dreams from last night. You might have received new information from beyond the veil.

Unfortunately, a harsh aspect between Lady Luna and Venus could sour the mood a bit, especially if you find that you're being too critical of yourself or the people you're close to. Try not to demand perfection right now, and remember that mistakes are what make us human.

Avoid speaking impulsively throughout the day as well, because tension between communicative Mercury and unpredictable Uranus could have you blurting out things that you later regret. Be mindful that you're staying grounded and practical right now, because this energy could also have you chasing what you believe to be strokes of genius only to find out later that the idea held little weight.

As the day comes to a close, a difficult exchange between the moon and Neptune brings a hazy element to the table, which could lead to confusion on both internal and external levels. Try not to jump to any conclusions right now. It's unlikely that you have a complete grasp of the situation.
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