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Wednesday, September 22, 2021
The fall equinox occurs today. When the sun crosses the equator, three major things happen: the autumn season commences, we have equal hours of day and night, and Libra season begins. Witches celebrate a Sabbat holiday called Mabon at this time. This Celtic, pagan, and Wiccan holiday celebrates the cycle of the sun's existence: life, death, and rebirth. The sun, which gives us all life, is the most powerful energy force in the universe. Therefore, it's essential to give the sun some love and show appreciation for all it gives us.

Spiritually, this is a time of finding harmony and peace within ourselves. Creating balance in your life is important during the equinox, because the energy is forcing you to find middle ground in your world to ensure you're giving equal attention to the different areas of your life.

Finding inner balance might be hard for you to do because you always want to be the best at everything and take on projects by yourself. Learning to take the time to smell the flowers is key now. This will teach you to live in the present and focus on what truly matters. Find peace of mind in all that you do whenever possible.
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