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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
The Cancer moon forms a tense aspect, known as a t-square, with Mars and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. The moon-Mars square can cause tension in the home, as well as arguments with other people you care about. Watch out for power struggles that set off emotional meltdowns and problems between people.

And the moon-Pluto opposition doesn't let up on the gas at all! It isn't your fault, nor is it your responsibility to be an emotional punching bag in any respect. The theme of abuse of power dominates the conversation. Having tremendous compassion for yourself and your closest loved ones is the most important thing now. Remember that when things get tough.

Remember that you are a human being living the human experience, and for that this experience is harsh on a larger scale. Addictive cycles and dramatic patterns are also a possibility for some who are trying to cope with these changes. Taking the curious approach to your thoughts is the best way to find any solutions. Prioritizing your basic needs and knowing that there are so many others who are feeling this way will help you through the tough times. The beauty of the day lies in knowing how amazing you are and how much the universe loves you.
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