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Monday, November 29, 2021
The moon is in Libra this morning, asking you to relax a bit and take things easier over the next couple days. You should wake up feeling in tune with your heart and inspired to manifest your dreams when the moon shares sweet connections to the nodes of fate.

Mars and dreamy Neptune share a healing trine this morning, which can help you resolve any feelings of being rushed as long as you trust in both yourself and the universe.

Try to get in a meditation session when the moon shares a helpful connection to the sun this afternoon. It can help illuminate the path ahead and bring through some new creative ideas. While inspiration could hit you like a storm today, remember that it's important to check in with your body and take breaks to recharge.

Checking in with your loved ones will also be important because an opposition between the moon and Chiron could lead to feelings of neglect. Use this evening's energy to cuddle up with that special someone or practice some self-care.

Mercury's connections to both Saturn and healing asteroid Chiron tonight reminds you that it's important to implement a reasonable plan to meet your goals and make sure you're practicing patience regarding the outcome.
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