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Friday, January 28, 2022
The moon switches signs from Libra to transformative Scorpio this morning, giving us all a chance to evolve and release any frustration we've felt over the last few days. The sun is now also in Virgo, the sign of the Virgin, making a fresh start even more appealing.

The sun and moon form a sextile, helping you to consolidate your ego and emotions and restore inner peace. Mercury lends a helping hand, giving you the ability to apologize for any recent wrongdoing and absolve yourself of any lingering guilt. It's the perfect day to turn over a new leaf, but only if you can find your voice and use it to move in the right direction.

Tonight, the moon forms an opposition to Uranus, which could put you in an impulsive mood. Unfortunately, with this aspect, you're likely to regret any big snap decision you make. If you do feel an itch to shake things up, go for an activity with few consequences.

The energy today isn't necessarily easy. While it may not sound super exciting, purging your closet is a great way to use the Scorpio energy that's occurring right now. Just hold onto your clothes for an extra day or so to make sure you don't throw out something tonight and regret it tomorrow.
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