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Friday, May 27, 2022
When Uranus links up with the Taurus moon, it means that the emotional energy is intense and excitable. This aspect can bring a freedom-seeking and rebellious attitude that defies the status quo. It also makes us want to go against the norm when it comes to people or situations that hold us back from living our best life.

You could begin to see things from a different perspective today, which can shake up your life and rattle your sense of security. This isn't the time to make plans that will shape your future—they're all subject to change at the moment.

With this cosmic energy in play, we can assume that it's best to explore the most improbable and tenacious elements of our lives. Embrace the energy rather than fight against it. Accept the raw emotions that you feel and welcome them with open arms. Doing so will allow you to understand all the different parts of your heart. It can also give you the opportunity to grow and evolve into the person you want to be. Embracing personal freedoms is liberating, so open your heart to transformation today.
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