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Tuesday, August 16, 2022
Mercury connects with Uranus today, which could result in some intense dreams. Your dreamworld travels are likely to correlate deeply with your subconscious and be a bit cerebral, so it could be a valuable morning to write in your dream journal. Just try not to obsess too much over what happened while you were exploring the astral realms.

The morning and early afternoon could be emotionally taxing and dredge up internal trauma you thought you'd dealt with. The feels are intense, and you could be confronted by some deeply rooted issues that you've been trying to avoid.

The planetary connection might leave us feeling internally restricted and unsure of how to move forward. It's an uncomfortable feeling, but today is a good time to self-analyze and see the ways in which we tend to self-destruct. By doing this shadow work, we can begin to understand our patterns and find new and healthier ways of being.

On a positive note, the cosmic energy can help us see our self-worth and identify the ways in which we can grow. We'll be able to reconnect with our value today, but we must also do the less pleasant work that goes along with seeing our shadow selves.
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