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Wednesday, August 17, 2022
The sun in Leo and Neptune in Pisces share a minor aspect today, reinvigorating our energy and giving us the gumption to take on the workweek. The Leo energy gives us some additional pep in our step, and we'll feel motivated to tackle new projects and assume leadership roles. It's okay to be a little superficial this morning. Investing extra effort in your appearance can help you prepare to handle the day.

A desire to run the show could be strong today and should be well received by your colleagues. However, Neptune's presence tells a different tale as we head into the day. As you finish your work for the day, remember to switch gears back to neutral. It's unlikely that the people in your personal life will appreciate you calling all the shots.

Be mindful of the wants and needs of those around you tonight, and remember to be cooperative and collaborative when it comes to mundane matters like what to have for dinner or watch before bed. People want to feel as though they're being listened to and heard, and this can go a long way toward getting a positive response. Anything else could spell drama.
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