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Friday, November 25, 2022
The moon enters Capricorn today, making us all want to relax and enjoy the earthy vibe. Today is all about appreciating your gifts and delighting in your courage. The swiftness and immediacy of your passion will come through even if you're afraid to take any steps forward toward a new decision. This might require you to be brave, but what you'll find is once you give yourself permission to follow through and trust your gut, you will never look back.

Think of this as the Fool in Tarot. It isn't really about knowing exactly where the journey will take you. It's more about trusting the feelings you have along the way. This is a time to let those instincts shine through. Make a promise to yourself that you are living this life for a purpose. You are here to follow a true and ambitious path, and right now nothing can stop you but you. Think of today as motivation for your future. You deserve the great things that lie ahead.
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