Arguing in Front of the Kids

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Parents set examples for their kids in most every interaction; why should interacting with each other be different? Sometimes, it seems impossible to solve an argument peacefully. This is when parents need to act like adults and continue the conversation later, away from the kids. However, going behind closed doors to hash it out angrily isn't the answer - children will connect the dots when their parents emerge red-faced and hostile. But even the best parents lose their cool sometimes - as long as it doesn't become violent, it's OK to apologize after an argument escalates. Something along the lines of, "I'm sorry you saw Daddy and I arguing. We should've used inside voices and been kinder to one another, and we'll try to be nicer to each other in the future. We still love each other and you very much." But don't use this as an excuse to fight frequently in front of your kids - eventually, that apology will wear thin.