How to Find Your G-Spot

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The elusive G-spot is like spotting Bigfoot for men - it's existence is stuff of legend, and no one really is sure where it is or how to access it. But for men who want to please their female partners, it's the Holy Grail of getting it on. So here's the deal - researchers across the globe have wildly differing opinions about where it is, what it is and how it affects sexual pleasure. The G-spot seems to be analogous to the male prostate, which can be stimulated via the anus to increase male sexual pleasure. It is located on the vaginal wall, about 2 to 3 inches inside, on the anterior wall - the area that would be at the front of the body. Many researchers describe a raised area, and for women who do have vaginal orgasms - and those are fewer than you think - the tissue on this wall seems thicker than in the rest of the vagina. Other studies have found several groups of what seem to be clitoral tissue in this area that, when stimulated, can make for a powerful vaginal orgasm. It seems female ejaculation emanates from G-spot stimulation.