Should You Have Casual Sex?

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The temptation of having a fling can be strong - anonymous sex is the subject of many people's fantasies. But is it for you? Obviously, a one-night stand or brief sexual relationship with someone else is an option for a single person, but it's probably off the table for a person who is involved in a monogamous relationship. So consider your status before having casual sex to prevent a whole host of relationship and trust issues. If you're single, then you still ought to consider whether it's right for you to engage in casual sex. First, how well do you know yourself? Are you confident and have great self-esteem? If you have self-confidence and know why you make the decisions you do, then you probably can have casual sex without major mental health consequences. Be prepared for the other person not to call or even completely ignore you after the experience. Even if you tell yourself it's just fun, be ready to potentially experience some hurt feelings, and be sure you can deal with them. If casual sex and one-night stands  happen pretty often for you, then consider why that might be - are you avoiding facing issues in your life? Feeding some sort of emotional need with sex? It's easy for addicts to rationalize their behavior - if you feel like you're making excuses, get help for sexual addiction. And don't neglect your physical health. It goes without saying that you should always use condoms and other forms of having protected sex when you have multiple partners or don't know the person well with whom you are having sex. Put yourself first if you decide to have casual sex.