Stranger Sex: Hot or Not?

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Enjoy your night of sex with no strings attached, but play it safe. Be prepared with condoms and insist your partner wears one. Don't let your guard down. Be ready with a plan in case things don't turn out as planned.


Probably one of the biggest benefits of stranger sex is that you get sex without all the stress and drama of being in a relationship. It's truly a case of no strings attached. If you haven't had sex in a long time, it's a fun way to get your rocks off. Or maybe you do have sex often, but are looking to spice it up a bit. Stranger sex can give you the thrill of sex with someone you don't know.


But everything is a trade-off. Like all enjoyable things in life, there are some serious stranger dangers. If you escape with your life, you're still at risk for a whole host of other issues. Probably the biggest risk of having sex with a stranger is contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Even if you are on birth control, it is important that you have the man wear a condom. If you proceed without protection, the chances are good that you may end up with more than just a great night of sex. Remember, you probably aren't his first ride at the stranger rodeo.

Not only can you get an STD, but you also can get pregnant. This means you can end up raising a child by yourself or terminating the pregnancy. Because more than likely, your perfect stranger will be long gone. Although you want the night to be memorable, it shouldn't haunt you for the rest of your life.