5 Things You Should Never Do After Calling It Quits

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A breakup is one of the most stressful things any of us can go through in our lives. Even when your rational mind knows the relationship is toxic, it's hard to let go of the emotional and fearful thoughts telling us life without the relationship is impossible. But have no fear. New beginnings lie behind the break.

Think of your relationship split like cutting off a malignant tumor. There is pain while it is being removed, and that hurt can last for a while. But in time, as your heart repairs, you will begin to feel better. As cliche as it may sound, time heals all wounds.

Be patient as you evolve through this life-changing event, keeping in mind these 5 things you should never do right after calling it quits.

1. Don't Use Selective Memory

When that lonely feeling arises (and it will), you need to know that your mind is likely to wander back to a point in your relationship when all was well and the two of you were happy together. At times like these, for whatever reason, our memories often will recall only the good times. You'll start wondering why you two ever decided to split in the first place.