8 Hot Ways to Turn Him On

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At the beginning of a relationship, everything is hot. You're exploring each other's bodies, wants and needs for the first time, and it's exciting. He wants you all the time, in every position possible and in every location of the house (maybe even out in public!) Let's just say you're not complaining about it.

Too bad nothing lasts forever - not even those steamy sexcapades.

Once the newness wears off, your sex life just isn't the same. Your man is either out with the boys or glued to the television. It often feels like he doesn't have the time of day - or night -- for you or your needs.

But all is not lost. There are ways to turn up the heat when he's turned into a cold fish. The trick is to make him want you more than that beer with his bros. When you're lacking inspiration, look to these eight effective ways to get him going.