Baby Gifts for New Parents

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So, a friend and her husband are expecting a new baby. You're overjoyed for them, but you have no idea what kind of gift to buy. You know they'll need some basic baby gear, but you don't want to arrive bearing the same-old baby gifts you've seen at other showers over the years. You want to bring a gift that wows the new parents and shows them that you gave careful thought to your gift choice.

Ideally a baby gift should be both useful and stylish. It should address a parent's or baby's need, whether that need is practical, like blankets and diapers, or emotional, like a thoughtful keepsake.

The type of gift you buy depends on how well you know the parents, what their interests are, and of course, what you're willing to spend.

Practically Perfect
  • Clothing. If you choose to buy clothing for the baby, make sure it's in bigger sizes. Newborn shirts, dresses and pants may be absolutely adorable to look at, but your friend's baby will grow out of it faster than you think. Plan ahead and get sizes the baby can wear 6 months to a year in the future. And don't forget to plan for the season. If you get a spring baby an outfit she'll be able to wear at 6 months old, make sure it will be suitable for the chilly fall weather.