Baby Gifts for New Parents

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  • Large box of high-quality diapers. Diapers are a big expense for new parents. Getting them a large box of good-quality diapers can help ease the financial strain and makes a nice, thoughtful gift. Even if your friends have already stocked up on diapers, it never hurts to have more!
  • Burp Catcher Burp Clothes.Your friend may already have bought dozens of burp cloths to prepare for the inevitable, but a Burp Catcher differs from the average burp cloth in a small but significant way. The Burp Catcher features a pocket that's designed to catch more spit-up, so that the mess ends up in the catcher, not down mom's shoulder or back.
  • Natural, Eco-Friendly baby gift basket. Gift baskets for newborns have been done. A lot. The idea of packing a multitude of cute and useful items into a basket and wrapping it in attractive packaging is a good one. The problem is that many of the readily available baby care gift baskets are filled with lots of unhealthy plastics, not-so-natural skin care items, and other eco-no-no's. You might want to change things up a bit and make your baby care basket with earth-friendly and natural products. For example: glass baby bottles with colorful bottle protectors, organic baby food or cereal, natural baby bath and lotion, etc. Even if the parents aren't particularly invested in going green, they will certainly appreciate products that are more gentle and healthy for their baby. Once they get used to the high quality of these products, they might just make the switch permanently.
  • Baby Shoes. The first pair of baby shoes used to be a big deal. Parents would carefully shop for the perfect pair of shoes for their little one's growing feet, and would bronze them for posterity when he grew out of them. This tradition fell by the wayside for many years thanks to an overabundance of cute but poorly made baby shoes on the market. All that is changing now and good, solid baby shoes are making a comeback. Well-fitting, sturdy shoes are important for healthy foot growth and development. And they can be cute, too!