Hot Stuff: Summer Crafts for Kids

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Simple indoor summer craft ideas for kids include: 

  • Making God's eyes from two sticks and yarn. Glue sticks in a cross shape and loop yarn around the center, working outward in a figure eight pattern. Use a little more yarn to hang up your kids' masterpieces. 
  • Using safety pins, small beads and twine, make friendship bracelets. Open safety pins and put on as many beads as will allow the pin to close. Do this with 60-75 safety pins, depending on how large you want the bracelet. Use two pieces of twine or plastic stretchy cord. Thread one string through the top of all the safety pins, then use the other string to thread through the bottoms of the safety pins. Flip every other pin upside down to keep things even. Tie the strings together once you reach the desired length, and voila! Brand-new jewelry! 
  • Use unique shapes such as halved lemons, flower petals and leaves to press into paint and onto paper to make a "stamp." 
  • Pull a few cans out of the recycling bin and create wind chimes. Use tape to tamp down any rough edges, and let the kids decorate with paint, glitter or anything else. When they're finished, punch holes into the bottoms of the cans and thread through colorful string. Use rocks, nuts or washers to secure the string underneath the can, then add more on other strings to create a clanking sound with the cans. Hang it up and enjoy the smooth sounds of the summer breeze!