Is Your Child Overscheduled?

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What Is Your Child's Attitude?

What kind of attitude does your child frequently display? Are they always on edge, grouchy and irritable? Does your child seem tired most of the time? These may be signs that your child is being overextended.

Of course at one time or another, children will display these attitudes and behaviors. The key is to note how often. If this is a frequent occurrence, then it just might be a sign that your child is overscheduled.

How Is Your Child Performing In School?

Consider how your child is performing in school. Are your child's grades slipping or does it seem like they are always falling behind? Do they seem to never have enough time to complete homework?

If your child is not doing well in school, then the focus should be placed on getting those grades back up. Doing homework on the go, in the car, during practice or wherever they can squeeze the time in is not very productive. Children need an adequate amount of time to sit down and do their homework.

If children are missing out on sleep because of being overscheduled, they may also be so tired at school that they are not able to pay attention. Talk to your child's teachers to find out if there are any classroom issues you should know about.