Say Cheese: Snapping the Perfect Family Picture

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Nothing captures memories and powerful moments more than a photograph. You don't have to be a professional photographer in order to snap the perfect family picture. You can add life and interest to your family pictures with these tips.

Taking Pictures at Different Levels

Typically, adults stand up when taking pictures of their children. However, since adults can be much taller than a child, you can get a better picture if you take it at their level. If you really want to capture their expressions, try sitting down or crouching at eye-level.

Your children don't necessarily have to be looking directly at the camera but just by getting at their level, it makes the picture more personable.

On the other hand, you can also try a view of your children that is higher up. It gives an interesting perspective when you stand on something higher, such as a chair or ladder and shoot down at the subjects.

Different angles make for interesting pictures. Just as you can take shots where you are higher up, you can also try snapping pictures at lower levels. Do this by lying down, squatting or sitting and snap the pictures looking up. You will be amazed at how interesting these photos turn out.

Pictures and Backgrounds

Sometimes, we think the more background, the better the picture. However, backgrounds with lots of clutter can take away from the people you are trying to capture. If you really want to focus on the family in a picture, then choose a plain background. It could be the skyline, a wall or just a plain fence.