Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Family-Friendly Travel Tips

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Traveling with children can be enjoyable and fun with these family-friendly travel tips. No matter if you are traveling by plane, train or automobile you can have a pleasant experience if you prepare and plan ahead of time.

Family-Friendly Travel by Plane

Sometimes the best way to prepare for family travel on a plane is by creating expectation. When children are excited about something, they tend to go into it with a better mindset.

Start by finding a map and point out where you will be traveling to. Explain how the plane will get you there much faster than if you were traveling by car.

For children who are old enough to understand, you might even have them take the map on board the plane and as you fly over different states, point that state out on the map. This helps them to see that they are getting closer and closer to their final destination.

Talk to your children about what it is like to fly on a plane. If children have never flown, they won't know what to expect. By discussing this ahead of time they will be more prepared. This includes discussing the size of the plane, how they will be sitting close to others, respecting those around them, the rules about when they are allowed to get up and walk around and other important flying dos and don'ts.

Since waiting is a common problem when flying, prepare two different travel bags for your children. One travel bag can be pulled out when waiting at the airport and another when on-board the plane.

Take advantage of those waiting times to talk with your child. Talk about what you see at the airport, what they think it will be like when they arrive at their destination or anything else that keeps them engaged.