Secrets to Picture-Perfect Family Photos

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You in Your Family Photographs

What should you do if you want to be in the family photos? First, decide how and where everyone should stand, including you. Next;

  • Set up your tripod and camera;
  • Turn on the automatic timer;
  • Set your camera to shoot continuously;
  • RUN to where you are supposed to be in the picture;
  • Be still; and
  • Don't blink.

Blinking in Family Portraits

You can minimize the possibility of having closed eyes when taking your family photos by having everyone close their eyes before you take your shot. On the count of 3, 5 or the number of your choice, have them open their eyes. Take the picture right after the count. This helps minimize pictures of closed eyes.

Candid Family Pictures

You can't always control everyone in family pictures. In fact, you shouldn't all of the time. Candid family pictures are fun to take and fun to keep.

If people are stiff around you and your camera, you can start the ball rolling by beginning to tell a family story that someone in the group can take over while you shoot. In addition, you can always sneak up on family groups, snap a few pictures and sneak off.

Family Photos and Children

Remember that little ones have short attention spans. Plan the "who-what-when-and-where" aspects of your shoot in advance as much as possible. Then, get everyone in line and shoot quickly.