Volunteering as a Family

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Volunteering is a great opportunity to promote family togetherness while doing something good for your community. Many volunteer activities can be fun, educational, great sources of exercise, or all of the above! It's also a great opportunity to teach your children the value of helping others and making a positive impact on their community.

Many high schools and college scholarships now include volunteer hours as a requirement, so your teens should be looking for volunteer opportunities themselves. Get the whole family involved, as this can give younger children a head start on their own requirements. It's always a great addition to any resume or college/scholarship application that your child actively volunteers on a regular basis.

There's no end to the possibilities your family has when it comes to volunteer options. If you're an active, outdoorsy family, there are usually plenty of waterway cleanups and park repair projects in any community. If you like lower-impact activities, helping at a local animal shelter or food bank may be the thing for you.

The opportunities for volunteering are unique to each area, depending on the size of your town and location. We're sharing some information and tips on the more common volunteer projects across the U.S. For local-specific projects, check out your city hall and keep an eye on town announcements for events and opportunities.