Where Bacteria Lingers
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Does the thought of bacteria give you the creepy crawlies? Well, you can be harboring this hazardous element in bath toys, toothbrushes, sippy cups and other places. Believe it or not, bacteria can be hiding in places you never thought it... Read More
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Connecting With Your Pre-teen and Teenager
As the parent of a teen, you may long for the days when you could hold your child on your lap and they were eager to talk, laugh, and play with you. Those days may be long gone, but you can still find...
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Choosing the Right Toy for a Young Child
Picking out toys for young children is no simple task. There are so many choices that it can easily be overwhelming. It's important to consider options that are appropriate for the child's age. It's...
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Changing Your Child's Behavior with Positive Reinforcement
Think about your interactions with your children today. How many things did you notice they did wrong? What did you do or say to them because of their wrong doings? Have they engaged in the same kind of...
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