How to Get Your Husband Into Couples Counseling

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It would be good to get a counselor that both of you can trust. Make sure that this counselor has an open mind and does not take sides, but merely acts as a mediator or adviser to the both of you.

Try to evaluate your counseling sessions with your partner. Ask each other your feelings about the sessions and if these are working for both of you. If there are still problems, you can inform the counselor, so that better and more appropriate counseling methods would be adopted.

Encourage your husband or partner each time you have the counseling sessions together. Try to boost his positivity towards the sessions. Just let him know that you are both committed to do whatever is possible to keep your relationship intact. Let him know that you appreciate his efforts as well.

If the situation has worsened due to unresolved conflicts on both sides, try to convince your husband or partner to go to a couples counseling session before both of you make the final and drastic step to choose to separate and totally end the relationship. There may still be a possibility to save your relationship if all possible solutions like couples counseling are exhausted.

Source: Health Guidance

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