Fast Fixes for Mom Mistakes

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No one is perfect, and that fact becomes even more obvious when you become a parent. It's tough not to hold yourself up to traditional mom role models, like June Cleaver, but even June Cleaver wasn't that perfect. She just didn't have "experts" like Dr. Phil and Oprah telling her what she did wrong; unfortunately, moms today do. While expert resources can be helpful in offering advice, many moms find that they hold themselves to unrealistic ideals that others promote. When it comes to the day-to-day duties of parenting, in reality, all moms make many of the same mistakes.

Who hasn't completely lost it and screamed at a child in frustration? Realizing you're not the only one can help ease guilt and help you understand that you haven't damaged your child permanently. Common mistakes that moms make and may not even think about include demonstrating appropriate problem solving. We all blow up sometimes, and we've all bottled up that potential demonstration of anger by preventing ourselves from cursing in traffic, insulting someone or holding our breath and not yelling.