Functioning on Fewer than 40 Winks

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The arrival of a new baby affects all aspects of parents' lives, but the one that may have the most impact is the amount - or lack thereof - of sleep you get. All new parents are subject to sleep deprivation, but the effects of it vary from person to person. Signs that it may be affecting you include: inability to concentrate at work, hitting the snooze button or sleeping right through the alarm, nodding off in the middle of the day, and feeling groggy all day long. While you know that your newborn isn't going to change his habits anytime soon, you also know that something's got to give when it comes to getting the sleep you desperately need. If you're back at work and naps are frowned upon - and in most offices, they are - use your break or lunchtime to catch a few winks, either in your car or with your office door shut. Set an alarm or have a co-worker call you when you're due back at your desk. At night, try taking shifts with your partner - you might try feeding the baby and retiring when he does yourself, then having your partner wake for the first shift of feeding with a bottle.