Help Your Kids Move On

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Moving to another home is always stressful, regardless of whether or not you have children. The transition can be tough on the whole family, and kids might take a move pretty hard, depending on their age. The decision to make a move might not be an option, depending on your work or lifestyle situation, but if it is negotiable, then there are a few questions you must ask yourself before moving. If your family has recently dealt with a major life change, like a death in the family or divorce, then you might want to postpone the move until the kids have settled into their new lifestyle. If your family must move, then try to incorporate kids into the decisions you make, including them when you look at new homes, new schools, etc. For a move that's far away, gather as much information as you can about the new neighborhood, school, city and activities in the area and share it with your children. Find opportunities for your kids to partake of activities they already enjoy in the new area. If the new home is nearby, then explore the new neighborhood and allow kids to see the progress of a new home being built, if that's the case.