Holiday Road: Road Trip Tips

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Web sites like Rand McNally and AAA offer helpful tools to help you do just that. Pay particular attention to scheduling meals so that the kids don't get any crankier than they already are. Pack a cooler or bag full of healthy, portable snacks, like fruit, baked chips, granola bars, portioned cereal, trail mix, plus just a few small pieces of candy - you never know when they'll come in handy. A healthy snack can mean the difference between making a scheduled stop and limiting your choices to unhealthy fast food. Get creative and involve the whole family in car activities, like old-school license plate games, I Spy, card games or 20 Questions. Up the ante for kids by making it a contest with prizes - this is where candy might be useful, or even small amounts of money. It is possible to maintain yours - and your kids' - sanity during a road trip, if you plan ahead and keep them occupied.