How Chore Charts Will Work for You

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Your kids are clamoring for an allowance, and what better way to allow them to earn one than with regular chores? Contributing to the workload around the house benefits the entire family. Completing chores boosts children's self esteem by making them feel like a valued part of the team. Chores not only teach children responsibility, they're also a way to lend you a helping hand with the household duties.

Before you go likening simple chores to slave labor, think again. Parenting experts agree that chores make feel children feel needed. They instill a feeling of capability in children. They also teach kids to have a good work ethic, which will definitely come in handy down the line. Of course, before you put your children to work, you've got to have a plan. Create a list of chores from which your children can choose. Make sure they're age appropriate. In other words, you won't want your 6-year-old child mowing the lawn. Instead offer up tasks that they can perform safely to their best ability.