Family Chores: Who Does What?

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No matter how your household is run or who is working outside the home, dividing up the chores can be a way to make the running of the home fair and balanced.

Today's families are made up of unique situations. In some homes, both parents work and in other homes, just one parent works. There are single-family homes and a wide variety of other types of families. No matter what type of home you are living in, the reality is that everyone has to deal with chores.

Family chores are a way to get everyone to pitch in and work together as a team. They can take the stress off one particular person from being responsible. They also teach skills that will last a lifetime.

When it comes to family chores, the question then becomes, who does what? How do you divide up the chores and make sure it's fair and equitable? There are a number of ways that you can decide who does what.

Chore Charts

We tend to think of chore charts as being something that is necessary for younger children. However, chore charts for the family are very useful. It serves as a reminder of what is expected and can be something that the entire family creates together.