Take the Stress out of Birthday Party Planning

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Planning a memorable, fun party for your child and her friends might seem like a major chore, but with a little foresight and preparation, it can be a breeze. The first thing to consider is your budget - and a commitment to sticking to it, no matter what. If your budget is limited, then homemade is the way to go. Having the party at your home or a local park means no rental fees or activities to pay for. Plus, you can bake your own goodies ahead of time - kids love cake, cupcakes or cookies, and colorful sprinkles or other decorations are inexpensive and festive. Baking large sugar cookies in different shapes is a nice way to allow kids to decorate their own with sprinkles and frosting - plus you can give them as favors for guests to take home! If your budget is a little larger, then why not consider letting someone else handle the party? There are many venues to choose from when it comes to outsourcing a party - pizza, fast food and upscale restaurants all offer kids' party packages for every budget. Consider area museums, zoos and even athletics facilities, such as recreation centers and dance studios.