Tips for Surviving April Showers

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Still searching for a way to keep the kids entertained? Hold a scavenger hunt. This way require a little more planning or prep, but it's well worth it. Provide your children with a list of clues for items that they need to find. Make sure you have a creative reward for the winner such as letting him pick an afternoon movie to watch. Why not take a field trip? Indoor ice skating, roller skating, art museums and bounce establishments are all great ways for your child to let off some steam while staying dry. If there's not a thunderstorm in sight, some parents may allow their children to play in the rain. Put on the raincoat and rain boots. Grab the umbrella, and allow your child to splash around. You may even encourage them to scour for frogs, worms and other critters that surface in the showers. Just have them keep their hands to themselves.