5 Ingredients to Banish from Meals

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Refined Carbohydrates

Congratulations if you made it through the low-carb craze unscathed. Now that you feel okay adding some carbohydrates back into your diet, make sure you incorporate the right ones. How do you tell the difference between refined and complex carbs?

Even though you may read "whole wheat" on your bread label, this does not necessarily mean it is whole grain. A brown-colored bread or pasta doesn't necessarily mean whole grains, so be sure to check the label and look for the words "100% whole grains."

Since refined carbohydrates have had their nutrients processed out, your body needs to draw from its own nutrient supply to metabolize the sugars which have been concentrated from the refining process.

To avoid breads and pastas with refined carbs, stay away from anything listed as "enriched" and instead buy things that have whole grains listed as the first ingredient. Avoid white breads and pastas in addition to baked goods.