Healthy Ways to Satisfy the Family Sweet Tooth

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Dessert takes on a new meaning when you try to work the word "healthy" into it. You can tell by the looks on your husband and kids' faces that they have visions of dry, hard, granola bars and vegetables masquerading as dessert. But you can spin a lot of healthful foods into dessert dishes with just a little tweaking and a promise to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Fondue Party!

(Recipe ideas adapted from the November 2009, Health Magazine)

Kids-and some adults, too!-like nothing more than playing with their food. If you have a fondue pot, get ready to entertain and fill the family up with some nutrient-rich desserts.

If you don't own a fondue pot you can still take part in the fun by microwaving chopped chocolate or chocolate chips in a glass bowl. Just heat in 1-minute intervals with a stir after each minute so that the chocolate doesn't burn. When it is silky smooth, you're finished!

Dip a ginger cookie in melted dark chocolate. Ginger is a digestive aid and dark chocolate provides many health benefits. It lowers blood pressure and is chock-full of antioxidants. Dark chocolate releases serotonin and endorphins in the brain giving you that happy feeling. Just remember that dark chocolate has caffeine and should be given in small doses or traded for milk chocolate when given to young children.

If you don't like the flavor of ginger, you could substitute dried fruit. Apricots taste great with dark chocolate and so do dried banana chips. Any way you dip it, we guarantee a great time.