Super Foods for Kids

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Don't buy the flavored brands of yogurt because those are full of added sugars and preservatives which can cancel out the nutritional benefits. Instead, to get those little taste buds interested, purchase the plain light yogurt and add some fresh fruit and granola.


Don't even think about putting them in the cookies, as they will get picked out immediately. To get the antioxidants without the complaining, make trail mix pouches of nuts and dried fruits for little hands to pick at on car rides or during the movies. Watch the portion control, though, because nuts do have a high fat content.


Out of all the fruits, kiwis are the most nutritionally dense. They can supply your little one with an entire day's worth of vitamin C. The fuzzy exterior may put off some kids, so peel and cut them prior to serving. Make them more appetizing by serving with slices of star fruit, apples and oranges. Interest your kids with familiar favorites and then entice them to try the new fruits.


Berries have phytonutrients, which are naturally occurring compounds-like vitamin E, vitamin C and folate-found in plants that help kids maintain healthy bodies. Any berry will be full of antioxidants, so buy the ones your kid likes in bulk and blend them into yummy smoothies or sprinkle them on cereals or salads.

Sweet Potatoes

The dark orange vegetable family supplies us with vitamin A, needed for eye health. Here are some dark orange veggies besides sweet potatoes:

  • Pumpkin;
  • Carrots;
  • Squash; and
  • Orange bell peppers.