7 Tips for Better Sleep for Your Child

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Not only should you establish nighttime routines but daytime routines can also lead to better sleep. Keeping a daily schedule that includes regular meals and activities can help prepare your child for a good night's rest. Make sure your child's day includes a good balance of restful times and playful times.

Tip #3 - Give Your Child Choices

Give your child choices in order to avoid unnecessary power struggles. This could include picking out their pajamas, a book and their favorite toothpaste flavor.

Tip #4 - Routine Wakeup Times

Establish routine waking times, which can help your child get better sleep. Letting children sleep in will make putting them to bed at night more difficult.

Tip #5 - Establish a Reward System

Not every parent will subscribe to this, but for some children, a reward system may help. For children who really struggle with bedtime, a positive-reward system may just do the trick. This can be a win-win situation for both the parent and the child.

For the parent, it can eliminate a power struggle and for the child it can help them sleep better. For instance, your child could earn points for going to sleep well. You may even give extra points for a good attitude or demonstrating cooperation. Determine how many points are needed to earn something. The reward could then be earning a special privilege, getting a treat, going on a fun outing or other type of family activity.