Getting Him Involved with Childrearing

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Sometimes you feel like everyone in the house needs something, and you're the one expected to make it happen. There are diapers to change, homework to help with, and games to go to.... it can all add up and feel like too much.

Being a mother is certainly a big job, but when you have a partner, you shouldn't have to carry the entire load on your own shoulders. Some men are very helpful with the childrearing aspect of family life. They read the parenting books, form opinions on discipline methods, and help prepare tiny toddler-safe meals. If that's your guy, congratulations! The sad fact is that they're not yet in the majority. Many guys just don't get as involved with childcare as we'd like them to.

Why Men Don't Pitch In

Like it or not, many men still see the house as being a woman's domain. This doesn't apply only to families in which the woman is a stay-at-home mom. A working mother can find herself in the difficult position of having to tackle all the kids' needs when she returns from work, even if her husband arrived home an hour before. It can be very frustrating, and it can reduce the efficiency of your household.

Don't label the guys as lazy chauvinists just yet, plenty of men would be more helpful with childrearing if they were asked or were given the motivation. Mothers have been primarily responsible for childcare since the beginning of human history.