Body Solutions

ImageIt is a diet endorsed by more than 650 radio station DJs throughout the nation, who say they have lost weight without diet and exercise. The secret to their success: Body Solutions Evening Weight Loss Formula.

These DJs went on to maintain that the weight magically melted away while they were sleeping. But the only thing natural about this diet is that it has come under fire from the Federal Trade Commission, which has charged the designers of the product with making incorrect and unsubstantiated claims.Based on such malfeasance, the company had to shut its doors and the product was pulled from the shelves.

The two main ingredients of Body Solutions Evening Weight Loss Formula are collagen protein and aloe vera, which are said to boost weight loss by burning fat and building lean muscle. Also on the list are Stevia and Chromium Polynicotinate for controlling blood sugar levels, Conjugated Linoleic Acid for its anti-oxidant properties and L-Carnitine.

Consumers are instructed to take the liquid potion before going to bed and at least three hours before eating and drinking. The product can be bought online, by telephone or at national drugstore chains. Among the promises are that the product will promote substantial weight loss without diet or exercise.

It affirms that you'll lose a lot of weight even if you eat high-calorie foods such as pizza, beer, tacos, nachos, donuts and other fatty favorites. It also guarantees permanent weight loss.