Camp Shane

ImageLong before there was a childhood obesity epidemic, before the low-carb revolution, there was Camp Shane, a caring community created to promote healthy diet and lifestyle among children. More than just a "fat camp," Camp Shane was founded in 1968 to teach the children wellness.

At Camp Shane, getting physical is the name of the game, but it is barely done in boot camp format. There is a wide variety of fun, physical activities that go from scaling walls to paintball to mountain biking. At Camp Shane, these happy campers get to select from every outdoor activity under the sun.

Of course the nutritional component of Camp Shane is of the utmost importance. After all, the bottom line is that the kids attending Camp Shane want to form healthy eating habits they can sustain for life.

With a registered dietitian and a master chef on staff, the Camp Shane crew not only teach the kids what they should be eating -- they also show them how to cook their meals as well.

But it is not just stuffy diet food. In fact, campers sink your teeth into pizza, pasta, chicken nuggets, hamburgers, fresh fruit, popcorn, ices and much more. Every day, campers get three balanced meals and two healthy snacks based on the food pyramid. The goal is to teach the campers habits that they can use after the summer has come to an end.