Ladies Workout Express

ImageIf there is not a Curves in your area, there is a solod chance you will be able to find yourself a Ladies Express Workout -- the next best thing.

A 30-Minute circuit training workout, Ladies Workout Express gives a comfortable, all women's atmosphere where determined dieters can lose those extra pounds without feeling self-conscious.

An offshoot of the Lady of America Franchise Corporation, there are morethan 450 Lady of America, Ladies Workout Express, Workout Express and Health Clubs of America fitness centers in 45 states and 9 countries. LadiesWorkout Express uses a circuit-training approach to help women get inshape.

Each Ladies Workout Express circuit has eight and twelve hydraulic machines with corresponding rest and recovery stations. The machines work two muscle groups at once, giving club members more bang for the buck. In between each machine, participants run, jump or jog on the rest and recoveryplatforms in between the machines.