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This fresh, cool libation will brighten any hot summer day with tangy and sweet flavors. It's a healthful and thirst-quenching alternative to sugary soda.

For a comforting, warm drink on a cold day, nothing beats spicy, sweet chai. Make your own at home and skip the fat and calories of the coffee shop version.

Berry the hatchet with smoothies. If you've sworn off the trendy yogurt drinks, it's time call a truce with this classic strawberry smoothie. They're a hearty, healthy meal in a cup.


This smoothie is a real peach. Combined with mixed berries and a touch of honey, this sweet smoothie treat is a fruit-lover's dream. Good for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert.

This berry banana drink has plenty of appeal. Skip the smoothie shop and make your own fresh and fruity blend. One look at this recipe and you'll kick yourself for not making it sooner.

This Mexican-inspired beverage draws upon cornmeal mush to make a magnificent drink. It's both filling and fulfilling -- simply sip back and relax with this corny concoction.

What's small, fuzzy, green on the inside and taste smashing in a frozen concoction? Kiwi. This often ignored fruit will become a fruity favorite among your family when prepared in this superb slushy.


This one is for the pop aficionado in you. For those who have a soft spot for soda, this homemade version is a cool alternative to the common canned kinds. The kids are sure to get a non-caffeinated kick out of making it.

Quench your thirst with this classic raspberry soda. The fruity fizzle is a treat that'll satisfy adults and kids alike. For a non-alcoholic beverage bursting with flavor, this is the real raspberry deal.

Milk this mango smoothie for all it's worth. This palate-pleasing drink goes down fast and it goes down good. If there aren't any mangoes available, opt for papaya, which does the job just as well. You'll be feeling fruity today.

Let your kids enjoy the party with this special punch that works well with Mexican meals, grilled food or just about any gathering. The children will think they've hit the big time when they sip on these virgin margaritas that are sure to satisfy the party animal in your little one.


There will be more than three cheers for this juicy cocktail prepared especially for your kids. When you want to quench their thirst with a sweet treat, this drink doesn't disappoint. Mix up a batch today!

It's tea time! When you need a beverage for a big party, this sugar free spicy tea will quench everybody's thirst. It's made from Crystal Light so it's low in calories.

This punch is excellent and can be doubled easily. Perfect for those special occasions.

We're taking lemonade to a whole new level. By adding fresh melon and strawberries to this decadent drink, it's bursting with great flavor.

No espresso machine is needed for this absolutely fantastic coffee drink. It's every bit as good as your favorite coffee house beverage.

Take a trip to the tropics with this exotic tea. Refrigerate it overnight for best results.

When life gives you lemons, make this good old-fashioned lemonade. Winter, spring, summer or fall, it's a tangy treat that's sure to quench your thirst throughout the year. Make it your main squeeze.

We've got a party drink that packs a heck of a punch. This non-alcoholic beverage with an orange twist has tiny bubbles that will make everyone feel fine.


There's plenty of tiny bubbles in this magnificent margarita punch. Beat the heat or kick back with this beverage of choice.

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