Let The Body Language Do The Talking


Touching - If you have engaged in conversation with someone, you can take your body language to the next level by touching the other person. Lightly brushing his arm as you reach for your drink, patting him on the back when laughing at his joke or grazing knees under the table are all small gestures to show you are interested.

Preening - You may do this without realizing it but smoothing your hair, licking your lips, brushing your clothes off etc., is a sign to a man that you want to look good for them.{relatedarticles}

Your Face - Facial body language can perhaps send the strongest signals as our faces are usually the first thing a person notices. There are many parts of your face that communicate your mood to others. Typically to display interest or desire in another, your eyes will be widened, your eyebrows slightly raised, and your lips will be slightly puckered or parted.

Posture - An upright posture is sure sign of confidence. If you are a life-long sloucher this can be a tough habit to break, but by keeping your chin up, your back straight and shoulders back, you'll not only help your spine but you'll send out vibes that you are secure and open to communication.