Applying Makeup on Your Wedding Day

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After you apply the powder, you will want to apply your blush. The blush should also be applied with a larger brush that is about the size of the apple of your cheek. Use the brush to gently tap the color you selected onto the apples of your cheeks and brush back towards the temple. After you are done applying the color, you will want to take a clean makeup sponge and blend the color into your cheeks.

Next you will want to turn your attention to your lips. In order to get the color on your lips to last all day, you will want to apply powder to your lips. Then, use the lip pencil to fill in the lips. Do not put an emphasis on the outline of the mouth yet. Then, put on your lipstick shade, blot, powder, and apply it again. By patting and powdering you are removing the excess wax in lipstick that causes the color to bleed. When you are done applying the color, you will want to apply a lip gloss to the center of the bottom lip.

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